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The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak


This has been the year of the 80’s throwback in books at least for me and this one scratched that same wonderful itch. Teenage boys planning an Ocean’s 11 type heist to get a coveted copy of Playboy featuring the babe of the moment, Vanna White, from the local store. All Billy has to do is romance the shopkeeper’s frumpy and nerdy daughter Mary into giving him the alarm code. But in getting to know Mary, he realized they both have an incredible love of computer game programming and team up to win a coveted prize from a top game designer. Suddenly that all important Playboy doesn’t really matter much to Billy, even though his friends are pressuring him to stick with the plan. Mary now understandably holds his interest.

Full of 80’s pop culture and computer programming references, this book was highly entertaining, especially for an 80’s kid like myself. The ending even had a bit of a twist I never saw coming that added even more of a dimension to Billy and Mary’s relationship.