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The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell

W. Kamau Bell has written a funny and poignant look at his life and how it has his experiences have shaped his view of the world and his approach to life. I absolutely loved how open and honest he is about his own “awkwardness” in life, how he has had to bridge so many worlds and how it has affected everything from his family to his career. I think we all struggle to fit into the world and Bell writes so truthfully about finding his own way to become a success. I loved how each chapter examines a topic and the people that influenced him that helped him become who he is and make his own unique mark.

The Diary of a Has-Been by William Humble


Arnold Appleforth gives “grumpy old man” a whole new meaning in his diary.  Arnold means well, but often falls a bit short without even realizing it.  In a world where he feels unappreciated and is desperately trying to stay relevant to not only his children, however many he has, but the world around him.  He has uncompromising opinions, his denial of his age, drinking, and life are hilarious and his ability to justify the way he is and why the world around him is no longer the way he thinks it should be is perfectly framed in his diary.  His complete cluelessness about his own attitude and behavior really made for a funny read.

Best. State. Ever. by Dave Barry


Dave Barry never fails to find the funny in all things and this in depth look at the weird and wacky state of Florida absolutely delivers.  Florida has a lot going for it after all: it’s warm, low taxes, beautiful women, and it’s not boring.  And is it ever not boring.  Dave reviews and visits the things that makes Florida crazy and great: Gator Parks, the Skunk Ape, sponges, sexy retirement villages, real life mermaids, the hot Miami club scene, and that capitol of of all things weird, Key West.  So many passages in this book made me laugh out loud.  I wanted to get in the car to personally meet people like Spongeorama Man and the gator wrestlers .  Caution: if you think your state is weird, think again.  It doesn’t have anything on Florida.  Unless you have more working Mold-A-Matic machines.  Then it might be a close second.