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The Nerdy and the Dirty by B.T. Gottfred


Penelope and Benedict are two teenagers just trying to make their way through high school and their family lives at home. Their unlikely friendship leads to a love story that blossoms when they both just start being real for the first time in their lives, and find the other is far more accepting of what they deem abnormal about themselves. I loved how they were both able to get what they wanted from their relationship just by being open and honest about who they are on the inside, not just the image they portray on a daily basis. Funny, extremely quirky, explicit and honest, “The Nerdy and the Dirty” is one of the few YA books to accurately capture the thoughts that go through the minds of young men and women, especially about fitting in, sex, and growing up.

Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfar


I was not prepared for how incredibly emotional this book was going to be. Dealing with complex issues like family, the sins of the past, love and heartbreak, mental health and revolution, all within the backdrop of the first Czech astronaut going to space to explore a mysterious cloud of dust. Questions about the creation of the universe as well as how we ourselves are created runs deep through the narrative of this book. An excellent look at how our pasts can shape our futures so dramatically in both good and bad ways. Plus it has a giant alien spider. How can you resist?

Coco Chanel Saved my Life by Danielle F. White


Rebecca, nicknamed Coco for her love of all things Chanel, is having the worst luck in love. She moves from her beloved Venice to Milan for a man who decides she is not the one for him. Having transferred her job as an event planner, she now finds herself a very cynical member of the wedding planning team, with a horrible boss, crazy brides, and a delivery boy she cannot stop thinking about. Surrounded by a great group of friends who encourage her to go after what she wants, “Coco” finds the strength she needs to discover who she is.

I loved how much Rebecca evolved as a person throughout this book. In the beginning, she had no satisfaction with her life unless she was with a man, but by the end of the story, Rebecca is not only a self confident, successful career woman, but she is ready to receive the love she deserves, from a secret admirer who sweeps her off her feet.

The tone of this book is very European, specifically very Italian with a little bit of Paris thrown in for good measure.  If you love food and wine while somehow maintaining a killer body, designer clothes, and Chanel No. 5, this is a great summer read for you.  Put on your pearls, shower in No. 5, and pour yourself a glass of good Italian wine for this one.

If you loved Bridget Jones’s Diary then you will love this book as well.