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Waking Gods By Sylvain Neuvel

I was eagerly anticipating this sequel to Sleeping Giants and was so happy to get a ARC of this thanks to NetGalley. Written with the same style of interviews as the first book, Waking Gods reunites us with familiar characters, Rose, Kara, and Vincent as they continue to work with and understand Themis, ten years in the future. But when another alien robot suddenly appears in downtown London, the game changes from research to war. This series is sci-fi blended perfectly with a thriller attitude. Full of new subplots, secret government organizations with mysterious men, and some of the best twists in the series so far, Waking Gods is definitely making me go crazy for the next installment in this exciting series.

The Complete X-Files: Behind the Series, the Myths and the Movies by Matt Hurwitz & Chris Knowles


As a fan from the very beginning of both the show and films, I was very happy to get my hands on this edition and was not disappointed. Updated to include new information about the recent reboot, filled with color pictures and behind the scenes stories about the show. Die hard fans will love it. Really enjoyed how in depth the process was of creating a show like the X-Files in a time where nothing else existed like it in television. The Truth is definitely in this book….

Boarding the Enterprise edited by David Gerrold and Robert J. Sawyer

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This newly updated collection of Star Trek essays is sure to please the die hard fans of the original series.  Filled with essays by show insiders and writers, sci fi authors, and academics who have found inspiration in the franchise, this book explores the deeper and more philosophical meaning of a modern classic that has now lasted 50 years.  From reflections of the Vietnam War to religious connotations to man’s true nature in the universe, this book tackles the larger message of what it means to “go where no man has gone before.”

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

downloadI have been eagerly anticipating this book and finally started it a few days ago.  Comparisons to “The Martian” and “World War Z” definitely made me sit up and take notice.  However, this book is very different from those bestsellers and for very good and refreshing reasons.

Rose Franklin falls through a hole in the woods at a young age and finds herself resting in a giant metal hand in what appears to be an alien chamber.  As an adult and now a physicist, Dr. Rose Franklin now finds herself heading the project to understand the meaning and origin of the hand, as well as trying to find the other pieces of this titanic robot.  Told through a series of interviews with an unknown and highly mysterious narrator, we follow the project as Rose and her eclectic team seek out the pieces all around the world and try to determine what it is they are dealing with and how it can either help or destroy humanity as we know it.  This is the first in what the author says will be a three book series, and I for one cannot wait for the next book in this planned trilogy!

A Hundred Thousand Worlds by Bob Proehl

9780399562211Intriguing story about a mother and son and the world of comics, sci fi and the con circuit. Val, an actress on a sci fi show comparable to the X Files, and her son Alex get to know some of the players of the comic book world on their cross country road trip from NY to LA, via various comic cons that Val is appearing at. Their experiences lead to an understanding of each other, an understanding of Val’s personal failures, and answers to Alex’s questions and his own story. A deep look inside the inner workings of the comic book world regarding its writers, artists and politics. A fun read for the sci fi/comic book geek.

The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley

FINAL-COVER-440x660Essays written on the continuing rise of feminists/feminism in geek culture. I have to agree with Ms. Hurley on most of her points. As someone who has been deeply involved in geek culture for well over 30 years now, I have see the genre become much more inclusive, but, like anything, it still has its weak areas. Female presences at cons around the nation is growing in leaps and bounds, but we still have to battle to be taken seriously in writing, creating, canon, and to be simply looked at as more than “green alien lady eye candy.” I would just like to remind geeks out there, that while moving forward is always the goal, we need to refrain from becoming the same bullies that made our lives miserable in the first place. We need to rise up to what makes us special and unique in all of our passions. We may never change the minds of the supposed “old guard” but there is a whole new generation of people who are ready to join us just the way we are.