The Spider and the Stone by Glen Craney


One of the issues I usually have with historical fiction is that often the scenarios and backdrops described in a story don’t quite have the historical accuracy and detail that they really need in order to effectively blend in the fictional aspect.  This book does not have this problem in any way.  Craney’s extensive research and attention to detail comes through during the entire book.  His vivid descriptions of the passion of the Scottish people were emotional and powerful.   The battle scenes are exciting and well written.

As this was my first time visiting this specific period of history, I found that I had very little trouble following the events described,  and was completely wrapped up in this book as it drew me in.  I had actually set aside some time from my schedule in order to be able to read through this in one sitting and I am so glad I did. It is a perfect blend of history, adventure, love, and faith.  I look forward to reading more of Mr. Craney’s books in the future!

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